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Sello Mokoena finds club and apologizes to Phantane

Former Kwa-Zulu Natal Athletics (KZNA) boss Sello Mokoena has found a new club after Phantane Athletics Club distanced itself from him. It means that Athletics South Africa (ASA) now recognizes him, which clears the path for him to challenge ASA boss and his long-time rival Alec Skhosana for the ASA presidency. However, Mokoena refused to reveal the name of his new club to protect himself and his ASA election ambitions. Mokoena showed #TheTopRunner the name of his new club that he is now a registered member and made it clear that his new club does not want to make the news headlines yet because he is a sometimes controversial figure.

Sello Mokoena says he has found a club and is now eligible to contest the ASA Elections. Photo Credit: Sello Mokoena.

"I found a new club, but I am not ready to disclose it publicly otherwise other people will run there to sabotage me. I am still challenging for the ASA elections, but I did not join this club because of my ambitions of becoming the ASA boss. I also want to be a social runner and be a development coach that is my passion," Mokoena told The Top Runner. Because Mokoena now has a license, he is free to be nominated in the ASA's upcoming elections which take place on 8 May at the Southern Sun Hotel in Kempton Park. The deadline for the nomination of office bearers and recommendations is 9 April.

Mokoena also admitted that Mdu Khumalo the founder of the Phantane Athletics Club was right when he said that he is not a member of their club. He apologized unreservedly for the confusion that he caused Phantane saying he has moved on with his ambitions of becoming the ASA boss. “I engaged with Khumalo for several years, but I was never a member of Phantane. There is no bad blood between Khumalo and me and I wish him and his club well," he explained.

Founder of Phantane Athletics Club Mdu Khumalo in the background said Mokoena is not a member of his club. Photo Credit: Cuan Walker.

Now that Mokoena has managed to sort out some of the things that stood in his way, he is back and ready to fight for his ASA future. Other candidates that refuse to go public about their intention to contest in the ASA elections annoy Mokoena. “What frustrates me and makes me angry is the officials who are playing hide and seek. It is either you are contesting the ASA elections or not. Do not keep us in the dark. Skhosana should say if he is running or not, so that we can know what we are up against now not later. Dr. Patrice Motsepe (newly elected CAF president) made it clear that he is running for CAF, but there is no transparency in ASA. People are waiting until two days before the elections to indicate whether they are contesting or not. However, people have confidence in me and I am running, but will elaborate more about my plans closer to the elections," said Mokoena.

Mokoena also revealed that he is an accredited ASA coach who refused to be the ASA president back in 2014 because they wanted him to be a black token. “I refused to be a black token and if I stand and win the ASA elections, I want to be myself and not controlled by remote control," he said. Mokoena said he is not desperate to be the ASA boss as he is in the process of completing his Ph.D. At the University of KZN. “ASA is a small fish I have bigger fish to fry. If I do not make it; it is not a train smash. I just want to underline the fact that I am not desperate. But on the ground the people love me and are rooting for me" he added.

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