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'We are here for the kids so we must not disappoint them' - Icon's Journey 400km epic continues

With three marathons in three days behind them, the participants of this year's Icon's Journey 400km challenge are still breathing fire and adamant that they will make it to the finish. The twenty runners, assembled from across the country are in the Eastern Cape for the mission to raise funds for school uniforms and shoes for vulnerable children. In 2021 over 2 000 kids all over the country benefited from the program.

Runners make their way through the rugged but beautiful Eastern Cape on their 400km journey. Photo Credit: Icon's Journey Marathon.

One of this year's warriors on this epic run is Masoja Maduna. He is positive that their group has it what it takes to complete a gruelling 400km 7-day journey. The 55-year-old says even as the route throws obstacles at them, they must keep going because the mission is to overcome those challenges for the sake of children. "I think so far the journey has been something to enjoy and I won't lie to you the mood amongst our runners is what makes us wake up everyday motivated to tackle the next day," said Maduna, who is a Traffic Officer by profession.

"The other important part that we were exposed to over the past three days is how beautiful our country is. The areas and landscape where were are running shows that. It makes it easy to enjoy running while exploring the beauty of our land. In the end, let's help those who can't help themselves by making sure that funds we raise are enough for them to pursue a better life," he explained.

Three down and four to go: Masoja Maduna (left) and Gnimuzi Dekeda (centre) celebrate the completion of three 42km marathons in three days with four to go. Photo Credit: Thathe Msimango.

Gnimuzi Dekeda echoed Maduna's words saying the experience is once in a lifetime and he doesn't regret taking part. "I think these three days have taught us that if we are united nothing can come between us. The runners have shown that they are passionate with what they do which is huge," he said.

"If you do something with passion then the results will always be good. So far, the challenge has been testing as expected and I'm enjoying it. Let's hope the mood will be like this till the end. Remember, we are here for the kids so we must not disappoint them at all. They expect us to be there for them and that's why we need to complete all the days on offer."

The race enters day four today which started in the Queenstown CBD before continuing on to the finish at Nelson Mandela Museum on Sunday.

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