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Givemore Mudziganyama joins Entsika AC

After two years with Waterfall City Athletics Club, Givemore Mudzinganyama has left the club in search of greener pastures. Mudzinganyama has signed a 1 year professional running contract with Entsika Athletics Club becoming the second notable runner to join Entsika this year. The other is Solicitor Manduwa, who obtained celebrated eighth position in the 2022 Comrades Marathon. Despite being well taken off by Waterfall, Mudzinganyama feels the offer he received from Entsika was too good to resist.

Mudziganyama training at the Johannesburg Stadium under the watchful eye of coach Hendrik Ramaala. Now that he has joined Entsika AC, the Asics Frontrunner says he can focus solely on his running. Photo Credit: Givemore Mudziganyama.

"I'm happy that I have joined Entsika. It is a good club with great ambitions and I believe I will grow as an athlete," said Mudzinganyama, who resides in Tembisa. "I can't take anything away from the good treatment I received from Waterfall since I have been part of the club. Since joining in 2021, I didn't have any issues and got everything I needed in order to perform at races. I'll be forever grateful for the wonderful experience I had with them. The offer I received from Entsika was hard to turn down and its going to change my running career too."

The 32-year-old ASICS Frontrunner holds a personal best time of 2:14:11 over the marathon distance which he achieved during the 2021 Sanlam Cape Town Marathon. With the potential to go even faster, Mudzinganyama hasn't yet reached peak of his career. In the past he had to try balance working full-time with running. He is optimistic that the new deal will allow him to become the best he can be.

Mudziganyama has thanked Waterfall AC for their support. He enjoyed success at the club including running his 2:14 marathon PB. Photo Credit: SMacPix.

"I think what's important about this contract is that I would be able to receive a monthly retainer close to the money I was earning while I was working. So I won't continue working now as I'll focus on my running career full-time. Before it was even hard to get sufficient time to train. You can't be at level best while you don't train hard. I believe I stand to run faster now as I will get all the assistance from the club. Plus I'll get to work with Hendrick Ramaala as the coach on a full-time basis now, unlike before where I would attend his training group whenever I'm free," he told #TheTopRunner.

Mudzinganyama has lofty ambitions for 2023 including making his Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon debut. "This year, I'm hoping to run Two Oceans for the first time. I have done ultra-Marathon races before but its going to be longest distance I have done in my career. Besides the 56km, I'm hoping to run the Cape Town Marathon too. I always have a great time whenever I run in that city. I believe when I ran that race in 2021, I wasn't fully prepared and for this year I'm hoping to clock the best time," he said.

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