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New CGA Chillie Runners 10km & 5km race to bring the PelePele vibe

As the year draws to a close, and with it the road running season, marathons are put on the back burner as runners focus on enjoying the upcoming festive season with shorter distances races. In fact, for runners in Central Gauteng, the African Bank Soweto Marathon has generally been the last opportunity for would-be Comrades Marathon and Two Oceans Mararthon runners to qualify until the following year, leaving the rest of November and December for 10km and 21km events. In that vain, the 2023 Central Gauteng Athletics (CGA) calendar sees the addition of a new 10km race - The Chillie Runners 10km and 5km race.

Having started in KwaZulu-Natal, Chillie Runners are now expanding around the country and will host their first race in Gauteng on Sunday 12 November. Photo Credit: Supplied.

"Chillie Runners have always been big in KZN and is now expanding around the country. As our running club grows and matures our intention was to have a race in all the regions where there is a Chillie Runners Branch," explained Tshepo Twala of the CGA Chapter of the popular running club. "KZNA Chillies hosted their first 10km race in May, while the Eastern Cape Chillie guys had their inaugural marathon in May. Both events were successful, with the hope that they will all become household races. That's why were here in Gauteng are also hosting our own race."

And so strong is the Chillie Runners brand that organisers of this new race which takes place on the 12th of November at Riversands Farm in Midrand saw their official race t-shirts sell out by the 2nd of November, while they were forced to extend the deadline for online registrations to 8 November in order to accommodate the legions of social runners that want to be part of the fun. Twala says the interest in their first race is testament to the strength of the club.

"Ubuntu…and being hospitable in all races we support, every runner matters, not just our members that’s what led to more runners to become convinced that this should be their home club," said Thwala when asked about the growth of the club that now has a presence in Gauteng, KZN, the eastern cape and the Western Cape. "Runners can look forward to a scenic route, with a country side view, a beautiful venue at Riversands Farm in Midrand and of course those trademark PelePele vibes that we always give."

Although the online registration process has been closed, runners who want to take part in the inaugural Chillie Runners 10km/5km Race can enter at the venue (Riversands Farm, Midrand) on Friday 10 (15:00 to 18:00) and Saturday 11 November (09:00 to 18:00). As it is a family event, runners are encouraged to bring their prams and youngsters for a taste of that hot PelePele flavour.

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