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CGA Elections postponed amid chaos. New election date likely to be March 26

The postponement of the Central Gauteng Athletics (CGA) Elections has cast a long shadow over a provincial federation that had been looking to use the poll as a springboard into a new and more prosperous future. As it was, chaos of biblical proportions erupted at the Germiston Stadium on Saturday when some irregularities in voting procedures were discovered forcing the abandonment of the entire election.

"I strongly condemn this thuggery attitude and behaviour that seeks to taint the image of Central Gauteng Athletics. Athletics belongs to athletics people not to certain individuals. When chaos erupted, and we as leaders couldn't control the Council, at that point it became very clear that there is serious mistrust," said presidential candidate Mfuneko Boyce Joko.

Following the chaos at the Germiston Stadium the current CGA board led by president James Moloi has been dissolved. A new board must be elected by the 26th of March. Photo Credit: CGA Media.

#TheTopRunner has learned that problems arose when those present uncovered that there were more ballots than voters. It is alleged that there were 123 ballot papers yet only 110 clubs were due to vote in the council sitting. Furthermore, sources have told #TheTopRunner that some of the ballots may not have been numbered, all of which led to calls for the entire process to be called off.

"What happened at CGA today, it could have been avoided if the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) was involved in the first place. We need to have council that is vigilant and engaging," said Queen Mofokeng who is also running for president. Her sentiments were echoed by another presidential candidate Karabo Mabilo who says it is better to start the whole process from scratch in order to ensure that everyone can trust the outcome.

"I'm very disappointed that we had to postpone the elections but I think it is very important to acknowledge the fact that once there's questions from council members that cast doubt on the electoral process and procedure, it is imperative that we actually rectify those errors. The fact of the matter is that the council members felt that the elections would have or could have not been fair and could have been run differently. We need to fix that and make sure that the next electoral AGM that we have will run accordingly. I hope that the next one will have better facilitation," Mabilo warned.

Steven Khanyile (left) and Thokozani Mazibuko (right) are believed to be the frontrunners to win the CG Presidency. Mazibuko could not be reached for comment by the time of publication. Photo Credit: MWMedia.

Steven Khanyile is of the same mind as Mabilo so far as starting over is concerned. "All I can say is that it was a sad day indeed at CGA because after spending the whole day we realised that it can't go on. I'm disappointed just like everybody else, but what is important is that this also gives us an opportunity to go back to the drawing board and look at how we can deal with this better, especially the administrative part of it to ensure that the elections are smooth, free and fair," were Khanyile's thoughts.

The postponed election must now take place within 21 days of the abandoned Annual General Meeting. CGA General Manager Mandla Radebe is expected to issue notice within the coming days which will inform council members of the date for the new election. Saturday's drama leaves CGA in limbo as the current board is now dissolved. It is believed that the postponed election will now take place on Saturday 26 March.

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