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ASA election date confirmed, Mokoena wants to run for president

Former Kwa-Zulu Natal athletics boss Sello Mokoena has indicated his availability to run for the Athletics South Africa (ASA) presidential elections. Mokoena, who lost to ASA president Aleck Skhosana in the 2014 elections, wants to have a second bite at the cherry. He was the frontrunner in the lead up to the last elections seven years ago, but lost to surprise package Skhosana at the time. Mokoena who is often critical of Skhosana's administration, says that he is ready to take over the ASA hot seat.

Sello Mokoena believes he can do a good job as ASA President. Photo Credit: Sello Mokoena.

The eagerly awaited elections will take place on 8 May at a venue to be confirmed. Clubs and regions have until 3 March to nominate their preferred candidates to serve on the ASA board. Mokoena left KZN athletics under a dark cloud in 2019. He claims that he feared for his life at the time. He is now a member of Phantane Athletics Clubs in KZN. He said they are the people who want him to stand for the elections and ascend to the presidency.

"I left KZN athletics on a technicality. I received a series of death threats and decided to withdraw my presidential nomination. I left them in a healthy state, and my work there speaks volumes," said the outspoken Mokoena. He has kept a low profile since. He went underground to work on his comeback strategy and is now ready to challenge for the top job and run the ASA office.

Mokoena during his time in charge of KZN Athletics. Photo Credit: Thuso Mosiea.

"The sport is not going forward. It took a few steps backward. It is a sad state of affairs. If clubs nominate me to stand for the elections, I would gladly do it. People have approached me to run for the presidency," Mokoena told The Top Runner. In 2013, he stood for ten months on an interim basis as the boss of ASA. But a year later, he lost the elections to Skhosana.

"I have seven years' experience. I have grown, and I'm much wiser as an athletics administrator. It is always an honour to serve your country, and I would not say no to a nomination. I can turn things around at ASA and help our runners to beat the Kenyans and Ethiopians. We also lack transformation in the sport. We should not let the sport die," he said.

ASA President Aleck Skhosana (holding microphone) flanked by the federation's board members. Photo Credit: Athletics South Africa.

Mokoena who is a fierce critic of the Skhosana-led ASA Board, did not hold back as he ripped into their time in charge. "They shut the sport down, and the 12 members of the board failed dismally. The time has come for change. Athletes must send names to provinces to endorse them and voice their opinions. I want to see a mixture of youth and experience in the new ASA board. We need a rotating system," added Mokoena.

To be eligible for the elections, his club must nominate him, and the province must endorse his nomination. But in order for any candidate's nomination to be endorsed, that individual must be a member in good standing. In 2014 when he won the elections, Skhosana was nominated by a club in Umlazi and endorsed by the KZN athletics federation. Mokoena is hoping to follow the same process ahead of the elections on May 8.

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